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Hot Russian Brides

Why the foreigners are crazy about hot Russian brides?

It is not a secret that men all over the world would like to date Russian women. There is something about them that seems so attractive and tempting. Is it their natural beauty that drives all men crazy? Is it their loyalty and commitment? There is no clear answer to this question, the only thing that is certain - the personality of Russian mail order wives is totally different from what Western men are used to. And they adore it.

Russian brides are strong. Very often, they have to work to provide for the family, take care of the children, clean the house, cook food etc. Yeah, sometimes life in Russia is not a fairy tale. Consequently, Russian women develop very strong character. They are not that kind of girls who are desperately looking for a husband who would take care of them. Hot Russian brides are autonomous and self-sufficient.

Russian mail order bride is very stylish. Even when they are not supposed to look pretty (for example, when they go to a supermarket/go in for sport etc) their appearance is just impeccable. Apparently, women are the most good-looking part of every Russian city.

Hot Russian women are very romantic. Unfortunately for them, Russian men do not share this state of mind - they are more conservative and sometimes have a “woman’s place is in the kitchen” approach. Therefore, foreigners have good chances of dating the most beautiful Russian singles.

Finally, hot Russian ladies are loving and caring. If she has feelings for you, be sure that she will use every moment to show it. She will be very passionate, you will have a lot of sex, she will cook for you and do everything to strengthen your relationship. Russian women are not afraid of taking action and making the first step, especially if they see a true man beside them.

Sexy Russian brides: how and where to find them?

Nowadays, you do not need to go to the Russian Federation in order to meet Russian brides. Digital technologies give a perfect opportunity to date ladies remotely - that is what we recommend you for the start. Online dating is available on special internet platforms called dating agencies. These websites (or applications for smartphones) include a database of hot Russian brides as well as a database of single men from all over the world willing to marry a Russian female. Dating agencies match men and women and also provide them with up-to-date communication tools like messaging systems, online chats, video calling systems etc.

All you need to do is to create an account on one of these platforms, pay for the membership and start to look through the profiles. Sometimes, women are going to write to you first if your profile really interests them. However, traditionally the men are doing the first step - we would recommend you to stay conservative in this regard. Take your time to know the person better, ask as many questions as you want. Some dating agencies provide necessary tools so you and your Russian bride can exchange images, voice messages, make video calls - it helps a lot to establish a connection between you remotely.

After this preliminary search you can take a trip to Russia (either a self-arranged trip or through a travel package offered by a dating agency) in order to meet some of the sexy Russian women who sparked your interest the most. As you see - there is nothing difficult in dating beautiful Russian brides in their country or from the United States. The most important things are to have a determination, be open-minded, positive and sociable.

Family is a priority for Russian brides

Russians are known for their “traditional family values”, but what exactly does it mean? To begin with, a family is a priority number one for all Russian people. Family members always try to help each other, they stay connected and interdependent for the years. Even the extended family members are considered to be “close family” and are treated specially. So, if you are going to meet your bride’s family, you might see not only parents and siblings but also aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces etc. Russian families are large, friendly, supportive because in Russian culture it is believed that family is an essential foundation for all future success.

It is important to mention that Russian mail order brides are good mothers. They have a highly developed maternal instinct. In Russia, they say that if a baby feels pain in a finger, a mother feels pain in her heart. The connection between the mother and her children is very strong. Russian women will do everything possible to protect their children, they will care about them throughout their lives. For the Russian singles, children are their chance for the best future, therefore, they are ready to sacrifice their own ambitions, plans, desires for the food of the children. If you form a family with a Russian bride, be sure that your kids will always be taken care of and your wife will never ever act against the interests of her family”.

Young Russian girls become wonderful, loving wives. In fact, often they have problems with Russian guys. Let’s put away the stereotypes, but still, Russian men’s attitude towards their wives and their behaviour, in general, might not satisfy sexy Russian ladies who are looking for romantic, tender, troubleless relationships. So, if you are different and she falls in love with you - be sure that she will be loyal and devoted ‘til the end.

The first date with your Russian bride - some useful tips

If you have a first date with a Russian mail order bride coming soon, you might be looking for some useful tips. Lucky for you we made a research and found out the key success factors while dating a Russian woman.

Mail order brides: what people say about it

Mail order brides industry is full of stereotypes and false information. Let’s try to deal with it and finally reveal the truth about these services.

You can easily find articles on the internet claiming that mail order brides companies are all swindlers and their activity is illegal. In these articles, unknown authors provide statistical data about a high divorce rate of marriages arranged through dating agencies, about the insecurity that the brides feel, about a clandestine status of the industry. Some dating agencies are fooling people - it is a fact, but still, it does not mean that all companies are the same. You can easily find a secure and reliable dating site if you read carefully comments and reviews written by the users themselves. What about the divorce rate, the official statistics show that it is actually lower than the one of the so-called traditional marriages. Finally, mail order brides industry is totally legal - moreover, lawmakers make their best to ensure a successful outcome for such kind of relationships.

We highly recommend you to read reviews written by people who tried mail order brides services themselves and therefore can provide you trustful information. Moreover, in these comments and articles, you can find useful information about the best online dating agencies, their price lists and costs, privacy policies etc. Experienced users understand that dating agencies are just intermediaries between men and women who are looking for communication and relationships. They do not sell the Russian brides, their business model might be presented as follows: mail order brides services gather information about Russian singles (photos, age, date of birth, hobbies, education, contacts etc) that their share voluntarily and provide a paid access to this data for the American men interested in dating Russian women. Also, these platforms can have additional revenues like per-message fees, translation fees, travel packages, possibility to send flowers, gifts and so on.

Some evidence to ensure you that mail order brides services are totally legal

As we have already stated in the previous paragraph, mail order brides services are legitimate in all countries where they are operating, the United States and Russian Federation included. In order to make you entirely sure, we would like to draw your attention to some legislative documents that are related to the issue. The first one is the Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act that has been voted by Congress in 1996. The specialists claim that this Act made it easier to bring your Russian brides to the United States. Also, we would like you to take a look at the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act that has been signed on January 6, 2006, by the former President of the United States George W. Bush. The Act actually imposes more background checks for marriage visa applications. It was meant to ensure the rights of newlyweds, especially those of young Russian brides who very often travelled to a foreign country for the first time in life. Far from forbidding mail order services, the Act recognized the fact that marriages arranged through dating agencies were numerous in the US. Therefore, the US government had to pass an act ensuring rights, freedoms and security of newlyweds who cross the American border.

The types of men Russian brides are looking for

Previously in the article, we have already talked about the personality traits that attract Russian women. However, we would like to develop this subject a little bit more. So, what types of men Russian singles find the most interesting?

Mail order brides services: financial aspects

In order to create an account on a dating agency website you do not have to pay anything. However, the membership that gives you access to a database with Russian singles is fee-based. The price varies from platform to platform but generally, it is not very high. Additionally, you will have to pay for such services as messaging, video calls, translation services (if you or your Russian brides need it), gifts (in some dating agencies users can send flowers, small gifts etc). The overall budget depends entirely on you.

Moreover, you have to add travel expenses. If everything goes smoothly and you would like to go to Russian Federation in order to meet women you loved the most, dating agencies offer you travel packages that include visa support (if you need a visa), guided tours, translation, recommendations, reservation of hotels/restaurants etc. It is not obligatory but, according to the former clients, it is a perfect option for someone who does not speak Russian, have no experience in travelling abroad and does not know what local places/restaurants suit the most for a couple.

Luckily for you, Russia is not the most expensive tourist destination so your trip will not cost you more than your living expenses in the United States. Taking all of this into account, your budget for mail order brides services should not exceed 5-15000 US dollars.

Some good tips to find the best Russian bride

To conclude, we would like to give you some useful tips on how to meet a Russian woman of your dreams. Check it out.


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